About WebCottage Designs

WebCottage Designs is owned and operated by Angie Zack. I am a long time resident of Irwin Pennsylvania (Eastern suburb of Pittsburgh). I have 15 years experience in web design and programming, 5 years in advertising and marketing, 7 years in customer service and degrees in Information Science. I absolutely love to learn new and cutting edge internet technology. I am constantly exploring better methods to create and promote web sites.

From 1996 to 2000 we were part of an existing advertising and marketing firm. In 2000 we decided to branch off into WebCottage Designs to better focus on the growing technology of web design and web marketing.

Why the name "WebCottage" Designs? When asked how I choose the name of my company, I think of my job and company as a cottage industry. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language defines "cottage industry" as:

cottage industry - NOUN: 1. A usually small-scale industry carried on at home by family members using their own equipment. 2. A small, loosely organized, yet flourishing complex of activity or industry

Since the web is global in nature, I can work from my home office and collaborate with many different people working from their own locations to assist me. For example, I can build a website with the help of a graphic artist in Chicago, programmer in California and consult a search engine specialist from the Texas. Hence the name WebCottage Designs. We all provide our small pieces into a finished piece of art and advertising.

My Core Values

WebCottage Designs, LLC was founded on the following values:

  1. Building positive, client relationships.
  2. Providing top notch products and services
  3. Engaging in professional business and development practices

My Commitment to You

WebCottage Designs was built on client relationships and referrals. All of my Clients deserve first-rate website design, reliable eCommerce products, and expert support from their web design firm. I consider it my responsibility to become your trusted ally by providing you with the web services you rely on to run your business

I Promise To:

  1. Build positive, collaborative relationships
  2. Listen to your needs and concerns
  3. Educate those who desire a deeper understanding of the Internet.
  4. Offer progressive, easy-to-use products at affordable prices.
  5. Promptly and effectively follow-up on your questions, requests, and concerns.
  6. Build your site with the latest technology using the most up to date means of code validation.

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